Monday, 27 June 2011

Glorious Weekend

We had a brilliant weekend as my best friend from university came to stay with her family and now we have moved into a new house we had room to move and spread everyone out.

Although Pop Princess ended up sleeping in with us as her and Ollie, my friends little boy who is 4 just wouldn't settle in the same room and every 10 minutes they were downstairs giggling saying they needed a wee or the last excuse from pop princess was that she wan't feeling very well.

The kids had great fun in the garden and we got some brilliant pictures

Happy Days!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Absence and Moving House

I have been a little quiet of late, you may have seen me pop up on twitter now and again mostly chatting about work stuff, looking for other bloggers to review things and get involved in campaigns.

But my own blog has been neglected again, I am finding it increasingly hard to find the time to write and when I was off on maternity leave with Rock Baby it was a lifeline and I really enjoyed it.

Life has now gone back to normal, juggling work with family life stretching myself in more ways than one the usual moan. Actually I don't want to moan as life is pretty good at the moment and it is as they say what you make it.

We have just moved to a beautiful house in the country. This is Rock Baby and Pop Princess in our old house, they had just come home from nursery to find pretty much everything gone, which they found very exciting.

I now have my own office over looking fields with sheep and horses. It's very quiet....very quiet! When you are used to living in the middle of a town with the comforting sounds of boy racers whizzing up your road, the occasional drunks falling out of the pubs singing on a Friday and Saturday night and where your next door neighbours are just about the only people you know. Country life will take some getting used to but lets face it that's not a chore!

The Girls will have a much better quality of life, they now have a garden to play in instead of a postage stamp courtyard. Mummy and Daddy can work from home more and hopefully be less stressed and we can spend more quality time together. Pop Princess said again today she wanted to go home to the house with the blue door (she means our old house) but instead of crying this time when I told her there was a new family in our house she simply said 'OK Mummy that's fine'. We had had a few tearful episodes over the last two weeks but we have now turned a corner. Rock Baby couldn't care less and has taken it all in her very laid back style.

Oh and Finnie, yes the dog our other baby is in heaven she patrols the back garden ever night keeping the sheep in line in case they dare to get too close to the fence!

Who knows we may even start growing our own vegetables!

Just need to get myself a nice pair of wellys, size 6 Hunters in Aubergine. Very specific I know.

I'll check in again soon I promise.