About Me

I set up this blog when I was on maternity leave it charts the highs and lows of being a full time mum again to my two little girls, Pop Princess who is 3 and Rock Baby who is 10 months. I am married to a man obsessed with Everton Football club and I should also mention my little dog Finnie who is 7 and normally crops up in my posts!

I've just set up my own company and gone freelance.I consult for a music / consumer PR Company and my own company deals with social networking, blogging in particular mummy bloggers and as such I am known as a family specialist.

I love my job I've worked with the A list to the Z list who think they are the A list as well as some great new brands and companies on the consumer side.

I do struggle with all the usual feelings of guilt for leaving the girls whilst I work and I always try to make the days we do have together count. Its a constant juggling act and I'm trying to be organised but unfortunately this is not one of my strong points!