Sunday, 25 April 2010

I'm right where I'm supposed to be.....

This week I have been wondering if quite frankly I'm just not very good at doing the whole yummy mummy stay at home domestic goddess routine. Most of my new mum friends seem to have embraced their new role finding it easy to multi task, keep their house clean, keep on top of the ironing, cooking wholesome healthy meals for their kids from scratch, baking cup cakes and organising play dates and coffee mornings.

These new breed of super mums and the yummy mummy phenomenon really does make it difficult for us mere mortal mums to live up to! My huge pile of ironing that was mounting on the dining room table how now been moved into the utility room ( I can't see it there), I managed to clean the bathroom today whilst hubby took out pop princess for a trip around Sainsbury's and I even managed to get a roastie dinner on the go, I flicked through Annabelle Karmels book and looked at the cup cakes and even texted some of my mum friends to arrange a day out. So I'm getting there :)

I was on facebook in the week and saw my office were looking after Stevie Wonder I felt my heart sink as I knew that it would be me looking after the project if I was back in work and I began to wonder what else I was missing out on. But then I caught pop princess standing on my bed, with one of my hats on, holding my deodorant can and singing to herself in front of the mirror oblivious to the fact i was watching her and then rock baby woke up and when I went to get her out of her cot she was beaming at me from ear to ear and kicking her little legs in excitement and I knew then I was exactly where I was meant to be.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sleep Deprived!

My week started rather smugly with me feeling totally delighted with myself that I had managed to fit back into my pre pregnancy skinny jeans, the elated feeling only lasted an hour when I realised the post pregnancy bulges were starting to hang over the sides of my jeans and they were pretty much cutting off my circulation!

My concealer has become my new best friend, hiding the circles under my eyes that seem to be getting darker each day, but luckily this week I've not managed to lose my keys or leave them in my car!

We've had lots of early morning wake ups these last few weeks from Pop Princess who has always slept through the night till seven in the morning but recently she has been waking anytime between 5 30 and 6 30, which when your used to a more civilized 7am start it is some what of a shock to the system. Someone suggested buying one of those bunny clocks which tells the child when its time to get up, genius idea I thought so off I went to purchase one. The first two mornings we thought we had cracked it as 7am sharp we could hear squeals of excitement with Pop Princess shouting "mummy, mummy the bunny's awake!". However the novelty has now worn off and it doesn't make a scrap of difference.

This morning she was up at 5 45am, she happily trotted into our room, "Mummy the bunny's asleep but I'm awake!" Not impressed I marched her straight back to bed. By the third time of putting her back I had thrown in the towel as by then it was 6 45am and she was bouncing off the walls and clearly no amount of persuasion or bribery was going to keep her in her bed.

Talking of bed, mine is calling. I've just dream fed Rock Baby so I think I roughly have 5 hours if I'm lucky to sleep before the next feed. All the late nights with work, going to gigs and work functions in London till the early hours of the morning has been excellent preparation and training for having two young children.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Gross Mummy!

Its been an interesting few days - I've been telling Pop Princess just how lucky she is to have a baby sister and trying to persuade her she is adorable. Just when we were making headway Rock Baby thought she would test her sister to the limit by releasing a mega poo whilst they were in the bath together. Cue Pop Princess's look of total disgust and shrieking look mummy that's gross yellow poo! Rock Baby was beaming from ear to ear obviously very pleased with herself. It did me a favour though Pop Princess has never got out of the bath so fast.

On Friday we were walking to town when we were stopped by a film crew for Sky News who wanted to interview us about the election and how social networking is playing a big factor in getting more votes from younger people. After years of setting up interviews in front of the cameras for other people why is it that when one is pointed in my face i turn into a blundering wreck?! After churning out some babbled rubbish and looking like a total idiot my only saving grace was that I had at least managed to straighten my hair that morning and Pop Princess and Rock Baby were acting like little angels in their buggy.

I've spent this weekend in a daze, the tiredness definitely catching up with me. Rock Baby has been on a 2 hourly feeding schedule which has been totally draining. I decided that we must all get out in the garden and sort the growing jungle but then decided i was too tired after digging up just one weed so hubby had to continue the job. I had a text message from a friend asking when were arriving, which spun me in complete panic as i had totally forgotten we were supposed to be visiting her for the afternoon; after much grovelling i think she forgave me! Then later that day a set of car keys came through our front door, puzzled I went to pick them up only to panic once again as they were of course mine, I had obviously left them outside on the wall and some kind Samaritan must have spotted them and posted them through the letter box. Phew! my brain is definitely frazzled hence why its only 8pm and I am writing this from my bed with my pjs on, a nice cup of tea and packet of chocolate biscuits by my side. A perfect end to a hectic few days.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Well we are now 3 months in after the arrival of Rock Baby and she has now started developing a really lovely personality, smiling, cooing and babbling in her own little language. Pop Princess still doesn't seem that impressed with her, someone told me its like your husband bringing another woman home and telling you that you are all going to live together, i know i wouldn't like that so have no idea what Pop Princess is going through.

I am adjusting to life being at home again with the two girls and even though I am enjoying it part of me still misses work and sometimes I feel all I ever do is change nappies, tidy up and live from one feed to the next!

At the moment we are trying to get Rock Baby to take a bottle, but she is point blank refusing and gets herself into a right state! hubby has tried and friends but she def knows her own mind already and is insistent the bottle is not for her!

On Friday we are going to the doctors as Rock Baby has a large strawberry birthmark right in the middle of her forehead after reading up on it they are supposed to stop growing by the time they are 6-9 months and disappear by the age of 7 but because of where it is I am quite worried so we are going to ask to be referred to a birthmark specialist to see what the options are.

This week Rock Baby has been wearing a gorgeous baby romper by a company called Animal Tails who specialise in baby and children clothes featuring endangered animal species, I looked after them at work and Annette the founder kindly gave me some clothes for Pop Princess and Rock Baby. Pop Princess has a cute pink t shirt featuring an endangered Zebra. Check them out at