Mummy Blogger Database

Are you a fellow mummy blogger and interested in receiving the latest music CD's for review or perhaps you would be interested in coming to events that I will be organising to celebrate the launch of a new band or album release. If you like gigs and would be interested in reviewing them on your blog or perhaps you fancy putting on your journalist hat and would like the opportunity to interview artists and bands.

If you answered yes! to any of the above I would love to hear from you.

My clients range from some of the major record labels in the UK to independent labels as well as DVD companies and Publishing houses. From November 2010 I will be needing mummy bloggers to help me on the above. So as long as you are passionate about music and are happy to write about it on you blog please contact me so I can put your name down on my list!

Please email me at with the following:

Blog Address
Twitter ID
What type of music you like (rock, pop, indie, dance etc)
Favourite artists / bands

If you would like further information please look at the company website at