Monday, 9 August 2010

I can't cook!

I can’t cook to save my life, I’ll give things a go, I want to be a good cook but guaranteed every time something will go wrong.

When I say every time, I mean every time. My mum was a rubbish cook too so I definitely inherited her genes, it meant I never learned any cooking skills growing up and the very little I did learn came from my Nan.

Pop Princess loves to cook and make cakes and I do try my best to do this with her, she often gets bored half way though and wonders off and leaves me to it.

Cooking is not something I enjoy probably because it nearly always ends in disaster. Now as I start to wean Rock Baby I feel like I’m pinned in the kitchen constantly and even her food goes wrong, for instance today I made her Leek, pea and potato puree but I forgot it was on the stove and when I realised the water had all gone and the vegetables were starting to burn on the bottom of the pan!

I tried to make rice pudding in the week in the microwave and the pudding rice and milk spilled over the bowl and exploded everywhere leaving a huge lumpy mess. I tried to make custard but that went lumpy and horrible when I was heating it up and then today a simple thing like baby rusks, I added milk and it still went wrong and wouldn’t go into a smooth paste. All my friends and family keep saying just blend up a bit of the food you are having for dinner but it’s not as simple as that.

I don’t cook in the traditional way, I often cut corners like tonight we had lamb chops, potato rosti’s and Mediterranean Vegetables. However the Rosti’s were frozen and the veg were ready to roast in a tin pre prepared so they just needed to be stuck in the oven. Pop Princess is a really fussy eater and I’m almost certain it’s because she doesn’t have a massive variety. She loves pasta and I can make pasta sauces and things like macaroni cheese but her food is very basic and traditional and I often cook for her and myself as my husband is really, really fussy.

I will eat anything but he is a real English traditionalist when it comes to food (meat, potato and veg), he is also often home very late from work so it’s easier for pop princess and me to eat together earlier.

When it comes to dinner parties it gets me in a right flap. Most of the time I will chicken out and we would order takeaway in but I would love to be confident enough to have a go and cook a really nice meal for my friends without getting into a state about it!

I talk about this with my friends and family and they all make a joke about it and say you can cook, of course you can but I really can’t and it does get me down as I would love to be able to have that natural flair but its something I lack so if anyone has any suggestions on how I can improve or simple recipes that I simply can’t get wrong then let me know!


  1. Get yourself over to Nuturestore's blog she has an Anabel Karmel giveaway on. I couldnt cook, I did AK for the boys, cutting out a lot of the ingredients though and et voila!

  2. How about taking a couple of hours on a weekend when OH can look after the bambinos. You find an easy recipe and cook it without any distractions or interruptions. Try some Nigella recipes - Nigella Express is pretty simple and quick. Would love to hear how you got on if you do try it.