Sunday, 3 October 2010

Pop Princess's first ballet lesson!

On Saturday Pop Princess had her first ballet lesson, she had been excited all week about it. When we got there she marched straight into the big hall and started immediately chatting away about anything and everything. The teacher was cracking up I think she couldn't believe how confident and forward she was; seeing as she didn't know anyone else there. I am so proud that she isn't fazed by new situations and I really hope this stays with her as she gets older.

I was allowed to sit in the corner of the room and watch and we were about ten minutes into the lesson when the kids and the teacher were prancing around the room and the teacher who is lovely (and has the patience of a saint), was telling Pop Princess what to do with her feet and toes. PP stood there with one hand on her hip and the other hand wagging her finger saying 'no I'm not going to do it like that, look I Will do it like this'. As I shrank into my seat the teacher was looking bemused and her brow started to crease.

Five minutes later PP left the group and at the top of her voice said 'Mummy I need a wee', so off we went to find the toilet, got there but no she did not need a wee now so we went back to the class.

Another five mins later and an obviously distracted PP was looking uncomfortable and again 'Mummy I need a wee'. Off we trotted again and this time after what felt like ages holding her over the loo she was done.

She went storming back into the class and announced to the class at the top of her voice 'Wait for me everyone' she then said 'I've just done a big poo'.

By this stage I was cracking up and wiping tears from my eyes. My daughter who is 3 next week is quite a little character and certainly makes an impression where ever she goes and I wouldn't want it any other way! Hopefully we won't be banned when we return next week!

My cheeky madame above!

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