Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bad Mum of the Week

This week saw me in the usual unorganised chaos of family life.

Pop Princess goes to nursery on Wednesday mornings and last night about 10pm I realise that her uniform from last week is still in the wash!!! aagh, could I get away with her wearing her polo shirt again? I rescued it from the laundry basket for an inspection, it smelled delightful but there were paint marks on it there was no other way round it I had to stick it in the washing machine on a fast wash.

Cursing myself that I had left it too late and should really be organised and thinking what a bad mum I was to contemplate sending my child to school in a rescued shirt from the laundry basket, I waited till the washing was done, and then hoped it would be dry by the morning,

This morning came and result it was largely dry but the collar was still damp! so there I was drying the collar with my hairdryer!! 10 minutes later and it was dry as a bone.

Panic over.

Can you spot Pop Princess above on her Sports Day (in a clean uniform!)


  1. It will not be the last time I tell you. It is a regular occurance here with school uniform!

  2. We have the same problem here too. Dang uniforms!