Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Year On

Well it has been quite an eventful year since we upped sticks and moved into the country. We have now been here 1 year and 1 week! Time has flown by, we have experienced a summer, autumn, winter and spring and both the girls have loved the open fields, the space both inside and out and pop princess struggles to even remember our old house. We have a new puppy after I went to Crufts last year as a VIP blogger and fell in love with a little dog who went on to have puppies and we just couldn't not have one!

Work wise I took the leap earlier this year to set up completely on my own, it was getting too demanding juggling two full time jobs as well as the girls. A difficult decision that has paid off and thankfully lots of pr jobs have been coming in for me. I now work from home 4 days per week and have the girls still on a Friday so I really do get the best of both worlds. Only downside is having no interaction with a team of people around you, I do miss that! I have been struggling to personally blog of late, just time constraints really I do really miss it so I am going to try my hardest to blog more regularly.

This past week as I'm sure it has been for many people has been Jubilee filled. Two concerts for Pop Princess and Rock Baby at their nursery and a village street party which was great fun!

 And I leave you with a picture of our newest addition to the family 'Georgie', our Griffon puppy!

Let me know if there are any new blogs out there that I should be checking out, every week a new one springs up which is brilliant!

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