Thursday, 26 July 2012

Beware of Locks!

Me - come on RB open the door
Me - just stand up and slide the lock over
RB - No
Me - That's it just a little more, come on you can do it
RB - Ob the Builder, can we fix it..... (singing)
Me - RB listen to mummy, stand up and slide the lock over
RB - Yes we can (singing)
Me - Yes thats right you can! come on then open the door
RB - No
Me - Do you want a biscuit
RB - Yes!
Me - open the door then
RB - (Bangs the door with hands)

10 minutes later

Me - Just slide the lock over that's it come on RB you can do it
RB - No
Me - Do you want some sweets?
RB - Yes I want sweeties
ME- Ok then come on open the door lets go and get some
RB  - Sighs (starts sucking her thumb)

30 minutes later

RB - Still singing
Me - We're going to have to kick the door in or how about we cut a hole in the wood ?
OH - There is no way we are damaging that door, she has locked herself in surely she can unlock it?
Me - I don't think she can! mmmm

10 minutes late, door handle unscrewed and peeping through the tiny hole can see Rock Baby lying on our bed chilling out, sucking her thumb.

Me - come on RB lets go and see Nanny and Grandad
Me - come on then come to the door and slide the lock over
RB - bangs on the door, starts to grizzle

10 minutes later

Mummy has a brain wave and gets a long metal rod, bends it in half and puts it though hole in the door and hooks the bolt on the other side and manages to unlock it!!

Me - are you ok, you shouldn't lock the door

RB - Laughs (runs away) I want Sweeties, biscuit, nanny and Grandad........

Just another typical morning in our house

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