Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Well we are now 3 months in after the arrival of Rock Baby and she has now started developing a really lovely personality, smiling, cooing and babbling in her own little language. Pop Princess still doesn't seem that impressed with her, someone told me its like your husband bringing another woman home and telling you that you are all going to live together, i know i wouldn't like that so have no idea what Pop Princess is going through.

I am adjusting to life being at home again with the two girls and even though I am enjoying it part of me still misses work and sometimes I feel all I ever do is change nappies, tidy up and live from one feed to the next!

At the moment we are trying to get Rock Baby to take a bottle, but she is point blank refusing and gets herself into a right state! hubby has tried and friends but she def knows her own mind already and is insistent the bottle is not for her!

On Friday we are going to the doctors as Rock Baby has a large strawberry birthmark right in the middle of her forehead after reading up on it they are supposed to stop growing by the time they are 6-9 months and disappear by the age of 7 but because of where it is I am quite worried so we are going to ask to be referred to a birthmark specialist to see what the options are.

This week Rock Baby has been wearing a gorgeous baby romper by a company called Animal Tails who specialise in baby and children clothes featuring endangered animal species, I looked after them at work and Annette the founder kindly gave me some clothes for Pop Princess and Rock Baby. Pop Princess has a cute pink t shirt featuring an endangered Zebra. Check them out at


  1. God, well done on even being able to string a sentence together after only 3 months of baby two arriving ! I swear I only felt I could cope after month 4! My eldest was none too impressed to have her little sister gatecrash, she loved her but took it out on us for the first few months. It does get easier though I think once they can start to interact with each other a bit more, I know what you mean about it just feeling like it's an endless cycle of nappies etc - that's cause it is....:)

  2. Hey there! Welcome to the strangely addictive world of blogging. I'm also very impressed that you find any time at all to get on your computer with a toddler and a 3-month-old - especially if you're exclusively breastfeeding! I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby now, so I have all of this ahead of me...

  3. I remember missing work shortly after my son was born but then the older he got, the more fun he got and the less and less I missed work! It's tough for those first few months and even more so if you have two to look after. Sounds like you are doing great though if on top of all that you've managed to start a blog too :-)