Sunday, 11 April 2010

Gross Mummy!

Its been an interesting few days - I've been telling Pop Princess just how lucky she is to have a baby sister and trying to persuade her she is adorable. Just when we were making headway Rock Baby thought she would test her sister to the limit by releasing a mega poo whilst they were in the bath together. Cue Pop Princess's look of total disgust and shrieking look mummy that's gross yellow poo! Rock Baby was beaming from ear to ear obviously very pleased with herself. It did me a favour though Pop Princess has never got out of the bath so fast.

On Friday we were walking to town when we were stopped by a film crew for Sky News who wanted to interview us about the election and how social networking is playing a big factor in getting more votes from younger people. After years of setting up interviews in front of the cameras for other people why is it that when one is pointed in my face i turn into a blundering wreck?! After churning out some babbled rubbish and looking like a total idiot my only saving grace was that I had at least managed to straighten my hair that morning and Pop Princess and Rock Baby were acting like little angels in their buggy.

I've spent this weekend in a daze, the tiredness definitely catching up with me. Rock Baby has been on a 2 hourly feeding schedule which has been totally draining. I decided that we must all get out in the garden and sort the growing jungle but then decided i was too tired after digging up just one weed so hubby had to continue the job. I had a text message from a friend asking when were arriving, which spun me in complete panic as i had totally forgotten we were supposed to be visiting her for the afternoon; after much grovelling i think she forgave me! Then later that day a set of car keys came through our front door, puzzled I went to pick them up only to panic once again as they were of course mine, I had obviously left them outside on the wall and some kind Samaritan must have spotted them and posted them through the letter box. Phew! my brain is definitely frazzled hence why its only 8pm and I am writing this from my bed with my pjs on, a nice cup of tea and packet of chocolate biscuits by my side. A perfect end to a hectic few days.


  1. I want to be in bed now with tea & choccy biscuits! The weekend has certainly took it out of me!! The poo in the bath made me laugh! I'm yet to experience Oli pooing in the bath!!

  2. As long as u have chocolate, all will be well. When we had our second, we went off (sleep deprived) to Mothercare World for the afternoon and left the front door wide open! Luckily our house is full of junk no one else would want and all was intact on our return! X

  3. I sooo remember this stage, the exhaustion catches up with you doesn't it. My postie and I were on first name terms (Denise; lovely lady) as she used to either be closing my car doors for me, rescuing the buggy from the bottom of the drive or taking my front door keys out of the door ! Poo in the bath is a winner isn't it?!