Sunday, 12 September 2010

Rock Baby's Strawberry birth mark the progress so far

On Friday we went back to the hospital so that Rock Baby could have a check up, they showed me the picture they took of her on her first visit and in just 7 weeks since we started the medication there is a great improvement in her birthmark.

It is less red and now seems flat against her head where as previously it was very raised. They are very pleased with her progress and after all my worrying I feel so much better as I am now confident the choice we made to go ahead with the new procedure was indeed the right one.

Rock Baby was not born with the birthmark it gradually appeared after about 4 weeks after being born and then gradually got bigger and bigger as she got older. So I have put a series of photos together below so you can see the difference.

The pictures above are from birth up to about 4 months, the ones below are from 5-7 months, the second one in was taken on the day she started the medication.

The picture below was taken over the weekend and you can see the difference very clearly.

Rock Baby gets weighed and has her blood pressure checked on her monthly reviews at the hospital. Thankfully she has has no side effects from taking the drug Propronal and its obviously doing the job it's supposed to.


  1. It's really gone down a lot hasn't it? So pleased you can relax about your decision now, and that she's doing so well. She's gorgeous!


  2. Aw, brilliant, it's working so well already. I bet you feel so relieved knowing you did the right thing. Has she been feeling ok with the treatment? How much longer will it last?
    Best of luck to you and her xx

  3. She has been feeling great there are no apparant side effects, they think it should be completely gone in 9 months, maybe slighlty earlier. Fingers crossed!

  4. That's great news! I'm so pleased it's working for her. And no apparent side effects, sounds like a dream come true!


    Big hugs to all,

    Becca x