Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My two girls FIRST ever 'Smile' - The Gallery

I have been absent from The Gallery for the several weeks, shame on me and I so enjoy the weekly prompts but life has sort of got in the way, however this week I am back!

This week's Gallery theme is 'A smile'. I have chose two pictures of the girls and these pictures were their first smiles caught on camera, both were around 4 weeks old.

With pop princess (in the pic below) I remember running to get the camera when she first smiled then coming back and waiting for ages whilst I pranced around in front of her to try and get her to smile again. The result was this picture:

We loved it so much we used it as our new birth announcement cards.

The second Picture was Rock Baby's first smile. This was caught using my dad's camera when we were staying over his house and she was laying in her moses basket chilled out as usual and I was cooing over and then this lovely little beam came back at me. It's not the greatest shot picture in the world but it did catch the moment.

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  1. They are just adorable! Love the blog!

  2. Oh they are soo sweet, nothing beats those first smiles eh? :)

  3. Ah! Look at them, how beautiful! *Getting more broody by the second*

    Becca x

  4. They are like mirror images of each other, very alike, and both as adorable.

  5. That second one isn't a smile. It's a "look at me with the best frickin' life in the world, i'm all cosy in this bed, this baby thing rocks hard, i have a beautiful mummy smiling at me, and i don't need to do nothin" big belly laugh. ;>)
    just gorgoues