Monday, 15 November 2010

When Innocent Play Goes Too Far?

Well its been a wash out of a weekend. I've been in bed most of the time while my star of a husband has been entertaining pop princess and bringing me cups of tea whilst I have been coughing and spluttering everywhere!

Rock Baby went to the doctors last Thursday as I thought she may have a chest infection, but apparently she was fine but I was told to keep a close eye on her. However every time the calpol wore off she had a low fever and has just been so unhappy and just wanting to be cuddled. Today I had to swap my days around as my dad who has been looking after the girls on a Monday and Tuesday for me has also had flu so couldn't look after them today so luckily now I'm freelance it means I can juggle my days in work around. So I was at home today and Rock Baby seemed to be getting worse so I got her into the doctors this afternoon and it turns out she has an ear infection in both ears! poor thing so now she is dosed up on antibiotics and hopefully should be feeling a lot better in the next couple of days.

Pop Princess (touch wood) has escaped the cold germs so far so fingers crossed she doesn't come down with it next.

I had a scare last week when I had left Rock Baby and Pop Princess playing in the lounge to go into the kitchen and I could hear PP giggling away, when I went back in not even a few minutes later I found Pop Princess smothering RB with a big pillow which I had left behind her in case she fell backwards. It's the second time this has happened, the last time was a few weeks ago when PP took a cot sheet out of a drawer in RB's bedroom and put it over her face again in just minutes of being left alone as I was running the bath for them. I'm not sure where she has picked this up from but she obviously thinks it's a game and I have tried to explain to her why it most definitely is not and she could have really hurt her baby sister, but I'm not entirely sure it went in as she just goes onto the next exciting game or subject in her life. Poor RB she has gone from her big sister not wanting to know her for 9 months then in the last month she has gone the opposite way and now won't leave her alone!

I can't help thinking what could have happened if I had not gone back to check sooner, but I guess a lesson learned and I simply can't leave them on their own together so I am making sure I take one or the other with me when I go into a different room. If anyone has had anyting similar happen and have any advice please do let me know!

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