Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Creatures - The Gallery

Its another Gallery post prompted by Tara at Sticky Fingers, and the prompt this week is Creatures.

This is my little dog Finnie with Pop Princess when she was a few weeks old.

Finnie was my first baby and if anyone has seen the film 'Marley and Me', you may understand the attachment we have to our dogs. Like the film life has been a little stressful for Finnie of late, with the birth of Rock Baby in Jan she has now been pushed back to third in line in my priorities, she gets moaned at, she sometimes doesn't get her walk every day and she does get on my nerves when my patience is wearing thin.

So Finnie this is for you, you are an amazing dog, you love pop princess and rock baby dearly even though they have taken my attention from you. You are still totally obsessed with me, you would follow me to the end of the Earth and even now as I type you are sitting under my chair waiting for me to go up to bed so you can sneak in the bedroom with me. We love you, you are so special.

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  1. What lovely photo, they both look so comfy together

  2. That is so cute, lovely photo :)

  3. Ahhhh, that is gorgeous, words and picture :)

  4. Oh my goodness. Both of your babies are SO cute. Finnie and Pop Princess : ) What sweetness! She looks super alert and focused for being such a tiny baby. What a sweetie! : )