Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sick of the Pox!

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last week, life has been slightly stressful.

Pop Princess has had chicken pox and when people talked about their children having this horrible illness I just thought it was just one of those childhood illnesses, you get a few spots but no big deal.

Well I was wrong, the spots came out last Saturday and it was fine, no need to panic off I trotted to the chemist to stock up on Calpol, Piriton and Calamine lotion. Saturday and Sunday were not too bad the spots were coming out but she was not covered although she was sleeping in the afternoon which hasn't happened since she dropped her daytime nap about 6 months ago. Me and the OH were thinking this isn't actually that bad but by Monday she was going downhill and then the fever started, by the afternoon she was burning up and delirious I was starting to panic as I had never seen her look that ill and I was wondering how I was going to manage looking after her with Rock Baby in tow. Then half way though her deep sleep she was moaning and I went in to check on her and she had blood all over her face as she'd had a nose bleed and had smeared it everywhere, staying calm I just said its OK and cleaned her up and she went back into her deep sleep.

On the outside I was cool as a cucumber but the nose bleed tipped me over the edge and I called the doctor for some reassurance that this fever etc was normal. He said it was and I felt better. Now the countdown is on for Rock Baby to pick it up although there seems to be two debates ongoing one saying she won't get it as I am still breastfeeding her and so my immunity should protect her and the other saying it will be two weeks after pop princess got it which should be this Saturday. So we will just have to wait and see.

Other than Pop Princess's chicken spots (that's what she has been calling them), Rock Baby has started weaning and its so exhausting! Once the girls are in bed I have been chopping and pureeing vegetables for her and putting them in the ice cube trays and it just takes ages, so once that has done, the sterilising is done, and I've managed to cook something for me and the OH, Rock Baby is ready for her night feed at 10 30 and then its bed time! phew....

Sorry for the moany post, I just feel so tired at the moment and have cabin fever from being stuck in with the pox and a very highly charged emotional toddler! Plus the realisation that I am not able to make it to cybermummy something I really wanted to go to, just to be able to learn more about blogging and how to make my blog look better and to meet some other mummy bloggers who I have been chatting to. Its not possible for me to go as Rock Baby will not take a bottle and whilst we have had some success with a cup she won't take that much and I can't leave her for the whole day at this moment in time.

At the same age Pop Princess had been smoothly passed over to formula feeds during the day but this isn't happening this time with RB and I am starting to feel very trapped by it. There is so much support for mums who want to breastfeed but very little if any if you want to stop.

If you've read to the end of this post I must apologise for the down beat nature of it and promise next time I will try and be more uplifting!


  1. Ah, sorry you've had such a bad time, I though Leo had the pox a couple of weeks ago but apparently it was a fever with random spots from what I could understand of the doctor in broken English!
    It's horrible when they are ill :(

  2. Bless you, BG had the pox a few months back but fortunately she wasn't too bad with it. It would have been lovely to meet you at cybermummy but there will be other events. x

  3. Ah Mrs, being a mum is hard work, please dont beat up on yourself. Rock Baby wont mind, if she has some jars etc for now. There are some great organic ones out there plum baby etc. Stop on the guilt trip. Chicken Pox can be terrible - I was 24!

    If you want a chat, just mail me.

  4. Oh no! What an awful time - spesh with that horrific nosebleed. I would have s**t myself if I'd seen that (while keeping a calm & controlled exterior, of course!!). My little one has yet to succumb to Chicken Pox - no doubt she'll get it in the next CP season (by which stage I'll have a six-month-old starting to wean as well!!!!!) There's never a good time I suppose. You should def cut yourself some slack and stock on some Ella's Kitchen or Plum purees, etc, so you're not having to go through the rigmarole quite so often.
    Or check out this range of snap frozen baby food which I completely plan to use when my second one arrives later this year: http://www.babylicious.co.uk/TheTruthaboutbabyfood/WhyFrozen.aspx
    Hope the house returns to normal soon, and Rock Baby avoids the dreaded pox. x

  5. The one silver lining as at least they've got chicken pox whilst they're still young ?.... Oh who am I kidding, it's shit hard work when they're like that. I think I saw from Twitter that RB has also succumbed to them.

    Don't give yourself such a hard time, you will be doing an amazing job, being a brilliant mum and you need to remember that. To my knowledge no baby has ever got skurvy from eating Ella's Kitchen pouches, give yourself a break and stock up.