Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My little ballerina

I just wanted to share some adorable pictures with you of Pop Princess taken before her ballet lesson this week, she is the cutest thing ever.

Unfortunately they didn't have the ballet shoes in her size so she is looking super trendy in her little ugg style boots which are made by Babies in Sheeps Clothing, who I look after in my consultancy role. They have a 50% sale on at the moment and as I know how good their stuff is I bought these boots for Pop Princess and even some little ones for Rock Baby! I would never normally mention any clients within my personal blog, but I am friends with Lysette who runs the company and she is a fellow mum too trying to juggle everything so we have a lot in common.

Today I have been to the Toy Fair in London, but in my usual working mum role trying tying to juggle everything, I was racing around like a headless chicken. This morning Pop Princess had her induction at her new nursery. The visit went really well and she loved it there, all the kids seemed happy and really relaxed and the staff were brilliant with her. She starts the week after next and even has a cute uniform to wear!

So after the visit finished I dropped her home and dashed to London on the train, eventually got to the Toy Fair, zoomed round it, had a quick meeting with some lovely ladies who I hope to be working with soon and then hot footed it over to Tottenham Court Road for a music project and then had to zoom back to Kings Cross to get the train home.

I arrived just in time to relieve my dad who had been looking after the girls this afternoon and it was a quick wash, brush teeth, milk and story time for them both and then in bed.

And now here I am checking emails, writing proposals and sneaking a little blog out.


  1. Ahh she looks so adorable! If you get a mo, could you DM me or email me - my DD keeps pestering about going to ballet lessons. I've found one place via Google but there's not much info on there.

    Glad she's sorted in the Nursery department, I'm sure she'll love her new place.

    I was at the Toy Fair yesterday - mental place! x

  2. Awww how absolutely beautiful xx