Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I'm Going to DFS Crufts 2011!

I had some very exciting news this week I have been selected to be a Crufts Mum and have been invited by The Kennel Club to attend the DFS Crufts show 2011, on Sunday 13th March. I am so excited! Its going to be a great fun family day out and the girls will love it especially Pop Princess. The show is in its 120th year and will take place 10 – 13 March at the NEC Birmingham

I've always been a big dog lover, I've had a dog in my life ever since I was born. They have always been treated as a family member and Finnie our little dog was our baby before the girls were born.

Finnie above when Pop Princess was a baby!

We searched high and low for Finnie, she is a Griffon Bruxellois and we knew they were great little dogs, with an infectious personality and highly intelligent. We had a dog of the same breed called Cora when I was younger and she was bought for my mum as an anniversary gift, she was an amazing dog and soon attached herself to me. Shortly after we had Cora, we got Bess a German Shepherd a much bigger dog but completely soft as anything and great with young children. At the time my mum used to look after my two little cousins whilst my Auntie went to work and we have pictures of them when they were babies sitting in Bess's basket when she was a puppy all curled up together.

When we lost Bess and Cora to old age my dad was devastated as was I. Those two dogs were the stability and loving presence my dad needed when my mum passed away. They would not leave his side and seemed to understand what we were all going through.

We have been invited to DFS Crufts as a family and my dad and his wife will be coming with us and it will be fantastic as its also my dads birthday the same day too. We are going on the Sunday which is the Best in Show day.

For anyone that is thinking of going to DFS Crufts this year more details can be found at their website www.crufts.org.uk but if you would like the chance to win a family ticket to the show, please keep checking back as I will be running a competition very soon!!

As well as the competition I'll be running a guest post by Louise Glazebrook of The Darling Dog Company, who is a well respected dog trainer and dog behavioural therapist and she will be writing a post with advice on introducing children to dogs.


  1. Wow, well done you, how exciting.

    We love dogs too, ours wouldn't win amy prizes though LOL

  2. Ooo we're going too!! :) Look forward to meeting you!! Xx