Monday, 21 February 2011

The Guilt of a Working Mum

Poor little Pop Princess has come down with the sickness bug now, bless her she looks so poorly. Rock Baby on the other hand has bounced back and is happy as Larry now!

My dad who looks after the girls for two days per week has also been struck down, he has been very ill and I feel so bad for him, he is no spring chicken and he recently gave up smoking which I have been so proud of him for, but it has seemed to have had the opposite effect in which he seems to pick up all manner of bugs and his immune system seems so low. You think after kicking a 40 year smoking habit he would be so much healthier. We think it's the years of tar being cleaned out of his system.

One of Rock Baby's little friends who we saw on Thursday has also been sick today, this was after we saw them 48 hours after her last bout and when I believed she was on the mend, but actually she was still infectious obviously.

So it's a waiting game to see if me or my hubby get it! Not something I am looking forward to.

We had to come up with a solution to Pop Princess's distress when it came to Rock Baby screaming when she was ill. PP hated it and would scream at RB to be quiet and was getting herself in a right state as she couldn't handle the noise, she was really sensitive to it. Thankfully one of our friends works in Formula 1 racing and he had got some ear protectors for his little girl for when she went to the races and suggested we borrow them. As you can see from the pictures below they worked a treat and PP was a much happier little girl!

With illness comes all the juggling with trying to get alternative child care sorted out, having to leave work earlier to attend to sick children and some days not being able to go in at all as they are simply too poorly and only want their mummy.

I was supposed to go the The Baby Show last week and also had a big meeting in London, thankfully they understood when I had to rearrange which was great and I have a very understanding boss. Hubby had to take the day off work today to look after the girls as my week was quite disrupted last week so we are trying to share the load, whilst the girls get better and my dad recovers. Nursery is also out for Wednesday but luckily my in laws are helping out.

It's been a usual mix of emotions like it is for many working mums with Guilt being the biggest.

Guilty for leaving them when they are poorly to go to work and feeling that was wrong

Guilty for letting work down and having to rearrange meetings and for not being able to make it into the office

Guilty for my dad getting poorly and Rock Baby's little friend

There is always something to worry about but when they are ill it makes everything that little more stressful!


  1. Aw bless them. It's so hard, especially when they are really small. I hope it's 24 hours like ours was, and everyone is back to normal soon! Well done to your dad too!


  2. Guilt, the strongest emotion out there and one we suffer with all the time. I hope that you are all better soon

  3. Hard job being a Mum - harder one being a working Mum - we all feel the same hun x try not to be too hard on yourself xx