Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thursday my day off!

Thursday today which means my only day off with the girls, this morning we went to the hospital so Rock Baby could have her check up for her birthmark and they are really pleased with her, its almost gone and they think she will only have to be on the medication for a few more months!

RB has been really grizzly today and she was up from 12 to 3 last night teething, and we are so not use to it so I was walking around like a zombie this morning. We have been extremely lucky with both the girls, who have always slept from a very early age from 7 to 7! Its more likely to be pop princess waking me up than RB, she us up at least once a night either needing a wee or wanting to be tucked back in or she has lost mickey mouse. Its almost like automatic pilot now and 9 times out of 10 I will be the one to get up whilst my hubby snores away, I do give him the obligatory dig in the ribs when I collapse back in bed though!

PP had her swimming lesson this afternoon, its only her third lesson and she is already swimming all on her own with a tummy band and arm bands, so proud of her as I am a bit rubbish when it comes to taking the girls swimming so she hasn't really been that much. I just find it so stressful, its always boiling and the whole getting undressed, dried and dressed again is like an assault course. Now PP is 3 she can have classes on her own whilst RB and I watch her progress from the nice dry and stress free viewing corridor.

PP also started her new nursery this week, she is in kindergarten and has a uniform to wear, she looked so cute and so grown up it was like the first day at school! She had shiny new black shoes to wear to and was so excited, she bounded into her new class and was so confident and happy saying 'hello everybody!' and then sitting herself down and helping herself to toast with all the other children and hardly a second glance back at me!

Finally I'll be putting my competition up on Monday for one lucky person to win a family pass to DFS Crufts so watch out for that...


  1. Oh my doesnt Rock baby just look adorable with those bunches! Thats not to say that PP in her swimming cap isnt looking fab too!

  2. Thanks Jen, yes they are both looking super cute!