Wednesday, 26 May 2010

7 Interesting things about me!

I was tagged in the Kreativ blogger meme by the lovely Mellow Mummy so thank you so much and the rules state:

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So here are 7 things you may find interesting about me:

1. I have looked after many celebrities in my job from A list to Z list. Biggest name I guess would be Russell Crowe when I looked after his band and got to do a press morning at the Berlin film festival with him and ladies he winked at me!

2. I blush a lot its even more noticeable on me as I have pale skin and red hair! When I looked after Sir Cliff Richard, I was utterly charmed by him such a lovely man but to this day he is the only celebrity that I have turned the deepest shade of red to and I really don't know why! I blush a lot and I hate it, most of the time there is no reason for it and it just happens even though I feel confident its something I have no control over.

3. I hate hoovering it gets me totally stressed, hot and bothered and I'm like a grumpy bull charging round the house dragging the Dyson behind me. Beware those that talk to me when I am in the hoovering zone.

4. I have joint hypermobility down one side of my body which means my joints are super flexible and can move in and out of their sockets sounds like I should be good at yoga but i'm not - quite the opposite. My knee cap once dislocated around to the back of my leg and I ended up in plaster for 6 weeks. Ever since I've not been able to run or do any high impact sports as I am terrified of it happening again.

5. Pre children I was always going out and getting hammered! Normally something eventful would happen to me such as slipping a disc in my back after a drunken mad moment on a trampoline, nearly launching myself on Simon Cowell and Westlife at the Music Week Awards some years ago (thankfully a work colleague got to me just in time!), partying with strippers and Peter Stringfellow at Stringfellows to waking up up with literally a bush in bed with me which I must have fallen into the night before. Shameful behaviour but now I am a respectable mum (cough, cough) these things rarely happen.... well only very occasionally!

6. I have a great little dog called Finnie, she is a Griffon Bruxellious, which you don't come across very often. She thinks she is human, totally obsessed with me and the kids love her. Pop Princess has now started to dress her up and the other day I found her with all my necklaces round her and Pop princess laughing in the background.

7. I have lost the three strongest female role models to me, my mum who died from Skin Cancer when she was just 38 and I was only 17 at the time. My Nan on my dads side who I was very close to and came to look after her as much as could when she needed help in her 90's. Unfortunately I was the one to find her passed away in her flat an experience I still struggle to come to terms with and finally my other nan on my mums side, who I adored more so as she was my link to my mum and stepped in when she passed to give me that motherly role model in my life.

So there you have it 7 hopefully interesting things about me! Now I have to pass this challenge on to some other bloggers so I nominate:

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  1. Well,winked at by Russel Crow! That makes me envious :)

    BTW forgot to tell you I tagged you back :)

  2. Your losses must have been deeply stressful for you, particularly losing your mum.

    You have a great claim to fame there girl! And looking after Russell Crowe can't have been bad either!

    CJ xx

  3. i laughed out loud at your pre-mummy antics (hmm, you say you never do anything like this anymore?), but shed a tear at the thught of your losses.
    A fully rounded, inspirational mum

  4. Only because I am breast feeding still but am building up to a big night out when RB is weaned in a couple of months. It could be messy can't wait!