Sunday, 16 May 2010

Introducing Pop Princess and Rock Baby

I decided to give my two little girls code names and with my music roots I decided on Pop Princess for my 2 1/2 year old and Rock Baby for my 17 week old. So you can follow my journey and learn more about me and my girls here is some more info for you on them!

First let me introduce you to Pop Princess

Seen here on the left. She entered the world in Oct 2007, with a huge mop of dark brown hair. She was a dream baby only really cried if she was hungry, tired or windy. She slept though the night from about 5 months and was always really forward in the way she communicated and we could tell early on she was going to be a right little chatterbox. Physically she was a lot slower she didn't crawl until she was 13 months old! and she didn't walk until she was 19 months. This is in part down to me as I have joint hypo mobility on one side of my body where as PP has it all over her body. It simply means all her joints are super mobile and she now sees a podiatrist regularly and wears little insoles in her shoes to help stabilize her. She is a little more clumsy and prone to tripping up more so than other children the same age, but what she lacks in physical prowess she makes up in her effervescent personality. She is super confident, loves to be the center of attention, is rarely shy and dominates a room when she enters. Her energy levels are though the roof and she doesn't stop talking! She is a lovely bubbly little girl (although I would say that!) and has an enviable lust for life. She keeps us on our toes, bosses us around and knows exactly what she wants and what she doesn't want hence many tantrums occur daily and we are trying to help her come to terms that there is a new little miss in the house and her baby sister isn't going back to the stork in the sky and is here to stay!

This Brings me on to Rock Baby

Seen here on the right. She entered the world in Jan 2010 and I just knew when we had the scan that she was a girl. Me and the hubby were both over the moon, I had always pictured myself with two girls. My pregnancy with RB was very different I felt very sick and washed out and developed SPD when I got to about 32 weeks. I was induced at 38 weeks a bit of a shock as had no idea this was going to be an option but I was under a consultant at the hospital as I had a 3rd degree tear when PP was born. The Induction went well and active labour time was just over an hour so very very quick! she came into the world with red hair just like her mummy and looked very different to her sister. She has blue eyes for a start where as me, my husband and PP all have brown and after about four weeks she developed a large strawberry birth mark on her forehead which we are now waiting to see a specialist about. You can't see it in this picture as her very cool glasses her covering it, it doesn't bother her but I am even more protective over her because of it and you won't believe the amount of people that comment on it.

We are still learning all about RB but she is a happy little soul, very smiley, rarely fussy and is happy as long as she is fed and put to bed when she is tired. She loves her cot, she loves her naps in the days and going to bed at night. She greets us each morning with huge beams from her cot and excited jiggles of her legs and arms, she thinks she is hilarious and it feels like she is laughing at her own little jokes. She also is a chatterbox and has her own fantastic language. RB adores her sister and is always trying to catch her eye, desperate for her attention. She is currently struggling to the switch from mummy's boobs to a bottle or cup not impressed at all when we try. Stay with me as we go on the journey to discover what sort of little character she will turn out to be.

So there you have it, my two girls hope you enjoy learning more about them over the coming months.


  1. hee hee those are awesome sunnies!

  2. This is a fantastic post! Does Pop Princesses dress come in adult size - it's so funky!! :)

  3. ha ha no sadly not, actually its a hand me down from a friend but I love it too!