Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Nature - The Gallery

Its week 21 of The Gallery and this week's theme is 'Nature'.

This week Pop Princess, Rock Baby and I went for a walk to the local park and we went on a little nature trail. Whilst Rock Baby snoozed in the buggy, PP set about collecting as many fir cones as she could and she found a handy little hiding place for them in the tree.

We don't have a large garden, its more like a concrete slab the size of a postage stamp so we are lucky to have a beautiful park and river right on our doorstep.

Here are some pictures from our recent outing

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1 comment:

  1. I used to love collecting fir cones when I was a child, which I had forgotten about until I saw your photos. I really like the photo showing her little hand so smooth against the wrinkles of the elderly tree. I bet she had a lot of funmhiding those cones in that tree.
    I don't have a garden either but like you we have a lovely big park just a few minutes walk away.
    Such a sweet post. :-)