Thursday, 22 July 2010

I've solved the crime!

The other baby in my life Finnie went for her check up at the vets recently and we were told she was over weight and would have to go and see the weight watchers nurse and join the disgraced dog club. We got a lecture and went away with slapped wrists to try and sort out her weight ourselves without her having to endure the humiliation of weekly weigh inn's.

The Wii Fit has come in very handy and we have been keeping tabs on how much she is losing on a weekly basis and she has been doing really well..... until recently.

We could not work it out. She had been on daily walks, her food has been cut down by half and she has not been getting any treats. She started off sulking and looking at her dried food in disgust to see there was no fresh ham on top like we used to give her but just recently she has a certain sly and happy look on her face.

By a strange coincidence Pop Princess has been eating all her lunch and dinner and after notoriously being a fussy eater seems to have turned a corner and for the last few weeks I have been praising her so much when she looks at me so delighted and chimes "I've finished, look I've ate all my dinner!"

Mmmmm something doesn't add up here does it?!

Finnie keeps sloping off licking her lips at every meal time and with further investigation Pop Princess's little hand disappears as quick as a flash under the table I'm no Sherlock Holmes but I think its now dawned on me I have a clever little toddler and a very cunning dog.

Finnie is now banned from the dining room at meal times, so she is back sulking again and Pop Princess? well she has become fussy once more.


  1. Lol, kids are far too clever!

  2. Hee hee very funny read!
    I am a bit slow on the up take but I can see your dog in that Teddy photo that you used in the gallery last week now, I couldn't last week. I thought it was an ET cuddly toy!! Ha ha how slow am I, doh!

  3. Oh hun that did make me laugh! Love it! :D xx