Monday, 26 July 2010

Rock Baby Starts Treatment on Monday

Rock Baby is booked to go into hospital on Monday as soon as I rang up this morning and confirmed the appointment I felt sick and I have a strange feeling which just won’t go away.

I also feel guilty as to what I am about to put her through. She is going in to hospital to start treatment to remove her strawberry birthmark which is on her forehead. She has to have blood tests, ECG’s, organ function tests etc to check that she is able to cope with the medication.

They then administer a drug called propranolol at 2pm, the first half hour is the most critical to see if she has a reaction. If she is ok she is given more doses at 6pm and 10pm then 6am and 10am the following day. If all is ok she will be allowed home and then we continue the treatment three times per day until the birthmark disappears. They estimate worst case scenario it can take up to 9 months.

Apparently the results are almost immediate with a reduction in the birthmark as soon as the next day. Propranolol has been used for up to 40 years and is more commonly used for treating high blood pressure.

We are very lucky in that our local hospital has become one of the first in the country to have a paediatrician that specialises in this treatment for birthmarks as the usual route is laser removal. However with Laser there is a risk that the laser will not go deep enough to the roots of the haemangioma.

We have obviously weighed up the pros and cons of this treatment and agonised whether to go ahead and after two consultations with the specialist we decided to have the treatment. I am obviously worried in case something should go wrong and there is no medical reason for her to have it and it is more cosmetic. I think we have made the right decision and I just hope it all goes ok.


  1. I can imagine how scared you must feel, but listen to yourself and your instincts and know that you have made the right decision. I'm sorry that I have no 'we've been there and it was all fine' story to share, but I'll be thinking of you all trow. Don't forget that she will be utterly spoilt in hospital by the lovely nurses no doubt! Trust yourself Mama - sleep tight :)

  2. What a gorgeous face! She is beautiful :-)
    It must be hard for you putting her in for the treatment -so much worry!! I would be feeling sick too. She will be well looked after though.
    I hope you all get through it as well as you can. Give her a kiss good luck from me bless her xxxx

  3. Oh she's adorable, what a GORGEOUS babe! These decisions are so tough but, in the end, you have to take the advice available and go with your gut.

    It's very hard when it's "only" cosmetic, but we all know how debilitating it can be to be 'different' in some way.

    Lots of luck for an easy treatment schedule! x

  4. Having to make a choice like that is so tough as you have to speak for them, but you know your doing whats best for her in the long run, you wouldntbe doing it otherwise. Hope all goes well, will be thinking of you all :D xx

  5. It's not easy but you are a loving parent and your unconditional love will carry you both through a tough time. I hope things go well, try not to worry because I'm absolutely sure things will.

    Love and best wishes,
    CJ xx

  6. Thanks guys, We go in on Monday so no doubt I will be posting something next week to update you on how it goes.

  7. Good luck, I'm sure she will be absolutely fine, mummy will be the one going through it!

    Hope it all goes well, and quickly.

    And, she def is gorgeous!